Just a short distance from the bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur, lies Awanmulan in the hills of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Just over an hour's drive from the city and the international airport, but a world away from the trappings and distractions of modern life.

We are only 1000 feet above sea level but the climate is quite different up here with hot sunny skies during the day, sometimes rainy late afternoons followed by lovely sunset views and a cool night. On a clear night, the skies also open up to reveal an expanse of stars and planets to gaze at. Sometimes we even roll out our astronomical telescope for guests to have a look.



Before there was Awanmulan the retreat, there was Mulan the dog. The little pup with her brother Mowgli were discovered in a drain near our old family home by our neighbour. Mulan came to live with us, while her brother lived next door. She was given the name of the ancient Chinese female general who impersonated a man to rise up the ranks of the military. The name was given to her by a little girl next door who oftentimes came to play across the fence.

Mulan was the most loving canine family member we have had. Extremely intelligent and empathic, she lived with us and gave us many beautiful memories. She passed away at the age of twelve during the construction of the retreat on the hills of Bukit Pantai, Negeri Sembilan, and was buried on the land. Awanmulan is malay for "Mulan's Cloud" which is in reference to the misty fog that envelops the house on rainy days which we have declared belongs to Mulan for all time.

The retreat of Awanmulan was completed in many stages. The first plot of land facing east started construction in late 2009. The first house that was built was Teratak Bonda (which is malay for Mother's hut). The other family rooms Kesidang and Sunrise followed a year after. The western hillside land across the road was purchased soon thereafter where the Sasterawan and Evensong houses were built and some time in 2013 began the construction of the Durian Runtuh house which was completed at the end of 2014. The Senjja container house was then envisioned and completed in early 2016. All rooms were built to bring about a sense of being at a home away from home and as such are fully equipped with all cooking equipment and dining utensils. Self catering is encouraged and coal barbecues very popular amongst visitors.

The eastern wing of the retreat housing the Teratak Bonda, Kesidang and Sunrise rooms was subsequently sold to a private owner in early 2018 but we continue to receive guests on the western wing facing sunset.

Our Sky Pool (facing sunset) is the most popular focal points of activity. Swim in the cool lightly salted water and stare at the serenity of the hills, or the expansiveness of sky and let your worries dissolve and wither away as the sun sets over the western horizon. Also enjoy the company of our loving resident dog Daniel, and cats Cantik and Michelle; whom you will find wandering around the pool area, coming to say hello. You may also find Anne wearing her straw hat and tending to her lovely garden.