Post Covid-19 Operation the new normal

precautions to keep us all safe

Covid-19 is now in endemicity and is something we all have to live with. Restrictions are reducing or being removed and vaccination and boosting has done its job reducing mortality and severe sickness. While the danger reduces, we still take some precautions to continue keeping our guests and staff in good health so we can continue living our lives without restrictions.

MySejahtera and Masks

Checkins and Vax status - May 1st 2022

  • Checkins are no longer required
  • Vaccination status checks no longer required. Entry to premise allowed regardless of vaccination status
  • Risk status checks required. 'High Risk' status not allowed entry
  • Masks in outdoor areas no longer required but social distancing still encouraged.
  • Masks in indoor settings still required


Common spaces and rooms

  • Use disinfectant wipe down of all surfaces and high touch areas; door knobs, taps, sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Complete cleaning when checkout

Owner's and Staff


  • All owners and staff fully vaccinated
  • Look out for respiratory issues
  • Safe distancing with guests
  • Staff to wear masks when interacting closely with guests
  • Constant communication with employees on safety updates

Pool Procedure

some space and time

  • The WHO indicates there is no evidence of infection risk in pool water, but social distancing between pool users will still be required.
  • There is plenty of spaces to sit and spend time in the pool as it's quite long with various areas to sit separately. It is able to host different groups with adequate spacing between them.
  • Please observe adequate distancing and give each other enough space for everyone's comfort and safety.



  • Density management. Must be 1.5 metres from each other minimum in common spaces.
  • If have to have close interaction with guests or between guests wear masks
  • Guests from different groups to observe adequate distancing to reduce infection risk

Infection cases

Isolate and Sterilise

  • Quarantine and evacuate asap
  • No interaction with other guests
  • Sterilisation of common touch surfaces after evacuation