Post Covid19 Operation the new normal

precautions to keep us all safe

As we emerge from the compulsory lockdown or 'movement control order' imposed by the Malaysian government and many others around the world, we are making changes to our operations to reflect the changed world and the 'new normal' of life with the Covid19 Coronavirus.

We have taken the below steps based on the guidelines put forward by the Malaysian Hotel Industry recommendation for Covid19 preparation. We will be keeping updated on the latest recommendations and make changes as we go along.


Common spaces and rooms

  • Use disinfectant wipe down of all surfaces and high touch areas; door knobs, taps, sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Complete cleaning when checkout

Owner's and Staff


  • All owners and staff fully vaccinated
  • Look out for respiratory issues
  • 38 degrees Celsius or higher, or respiratory problems, send to clinic immediately and barred from work
  • Safe distancing with guests
  • Staff to wear PPE masks when interacting closely with guests
  • Constant communication with employees on safety updates

Pool Procedure

some space and time

  • The WHO indicates there is no evidence of infection risk in pool water, but social distancing between pool users will still be required.
  • There is plenty of spaces to sit and spend time in the pool as it's quite long with various areas to sit separately. It is able to host different groups with adequate spacing between them.
  • Please observe adequate distancing and give each other enough space for everyone's comfort and safety.



  • All vendors prior to entering premises for less than 4 hours, test body temperature once and respiratory symptoms and log
  • If more than 4 hours, test temperature twice
  • 38 degrees or higher or respiratory problems, send to clinic immediately and barred from work
  • Safe distancing with guests
  • Proper hygiene
  • Constant communication with employees on safety updates



  • Density management. Must be 1.5 metres from each other minimum in common spaces.
  • If have to have close interaction with guests or between guests wear masks
  • As of August 1st 2020, failure to comply to social distancing rules and mask usage can result in a fine of RM1000 per person, enforced by the authorities who will be doing random checks.
  • Common areas must be cleaned constantly between guests to avoid cross contamination
  • Hand sanitisers at all interaction points


Log for contact tracing

  • Check in and Check out using MySejahtera contact tracing app for staff, contractors, guests

Suspected cases

Isolate and Sterilise

  • Quarantine and evacuate asap
  • No interaction with other guests
  • Complete sterilisation after evacuation
  • Follow up with case and provide needed documents and logs
  • Inform other guests and staff should a positive occur