Durian Runtuh

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Durian Runtuhfruit and good fortune

Largest house with two individual ensuite bedrooms Two or three couples or a medium sized family. Two individual en-suite rooms (6 adults) 2x queen beds, 2x single beds Suitable for larger gatherings together with adjoining Rahsiah room

Padi masak, ayam di reban
Pisang masak, kera di kandang
Durian Runtuh tidak terbeban
Dapat bertih, sudah direndang.

Khadijah Hashim - 1999
Before the rice ripens, coup the chickens,
before the bananas ripen, cage the monkeys.
A windfall of fortune is welcome,
best be ready when it arrives.

Best effort translation. For full poem click here.
Any opinions on what it means are very welcomed.

Durian Runtuh translates directly from malay to mean falling durian (the spiky pungent king of fruits loved by Malaysians). Due to its position beneath durian trees, fruiting season sees it being a catchment for the falling fruit of gold. It also is a malay proverb meaning windfall or good fortune.

It has two individual en-suite (private adjoining bathroom) bedrooms, a large kitchen and lounge area and open deck overlooking the valley and sunset. The first bedroom has one queen bed and the other has one queen bed and two single beds

Very suitable for two couples, a small family with kids, or group of friends. Sleeps 4 to 6 people.

It has full private kitchen facilities and a private BBQ set on the deck

For larger groups, it can be booked together (at a batch discount rate) with the room below; Rahsiah, which can fit also up to 6 people. For more information on the Rahsiah room click here