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Evensongan evening prayer amidst the fading rays of light

A room for couples with a view of sun set Couples only (2 adults) 1x queen bed

The breeze from the enbalmed land
Blows sudden toward the shore,
And claps my cottage door.
I hear the signal, Lord - I understand.
The night at Thy command
Comes. I will eat and sleep and will not question more.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Angin dari tanah dingin
Meniup kini ke pantai,
Dan menggegar pintu saya.
Saya dengar isyarat, Tuhan - saya faham.
Malam pada perintah-Mu
Datang. Akan saya menjamu dan beradu dan tidak tertanya-tanya lagi.

Evensong is an old English word meaning evening prayer. It is the smallest room we have, suitable for a couple only with no space for additional beds. It has a balcony with a retractable awning and the best sky and valley view of all our rooms. With a clear view of sunset, it is an ideal spot to sit with your partner in the evenings. It is also right next to the pool for easy, all day/night swims.

Only suitable for a couple.

It has full private kitchen facilities and a private BBQ set on the deck

It comes with one queen sized bed