Excursions get outdoors and see the real world

around awanmulan

Quick river visit

short trip to dip in the river

5 minute drive down the hill (or 20 minute walk) and a 5 minute (or less) descent to the river for a little dip. Guide not needed.

Waterfall loop

short trek to the waterfall

8 minute drive down the hill (or 30 minute walk) and a 5 minute (or less) descent to the river and a short 10 minute river trek to the waterfall. Guide available on request

River trek

challenging trek up a river

5 minute drive down the hill (or 20 minute walk) and another 10 minute walk to trail head, 5 minute trail descent to river, and a 90 minutes river trek back to the car. Guide available on request.

Lata Berembun

leisurely walk in the jungle

5 minute drive to the trail head and a 90 minutes trek into the jungle to a river for a swim and return the same way. Easy and mostly flat trek with some very short sections of incline. Guide available

Jeram Toi

short drive to a large waterfall

Perhaps you don't feel like a trek and just want to drive to a waterfall. Jeram Toi is just a 20 minute drive away and you has convenient walkways and stairs to access the many levels of the falls. Very popular with locals as well as visitors from further afield who come and swim in the river pools. Has convenient toilet facilities on site. No guide needed.

Ulu Bendol

short drive to a river/waterfall

Another waterfall / river you can drive to is Ulu Bendol 30 minutes drive away, quite similar in feel to Jeram Toi with facilities for visitors and also popular amongst locals and visitors from other parts. Very conveniently accessible by car. No guide needed.

Gunung Angsi

short drive to a mountain trail

A 30 minute drive away there is the trail head of Gunung Angsi, an 830 metre hill taking about 90 minutes one way to the summit. Quite steep and sustained but with very convenient and safe trails and steps. A very well established trek, with pretty trees and quite tame forest, with nice views of the rolling hills of Seri Menanti. No guide needed.

Gunung Datuk

long drive to a captivating mountain trek

A 1 hour drive away from us in the adjacent county of Rembau, this mountain is about as high as Gunung Angsi but is much wilder and less established and friendly. Takes a bit longer to summit at 90 to 110 minutes one way and it is a more challenging climb, but the view is spectacular and unmatched regionally. No guide needed.