• Kindly remain quiet after 1030pm.
  • No loud parties. People come for quiet.
  • Please keep clean.
  • Please keep cigarette buds in ash trays
  • Kindly turn off lights and heaters that are not in use
  • Please do not damage nor move the furnitures.
  • Please do not climb on or over the walls.
  • Cars are parked at designated areas at your own risk.
  • Meals are catered, we do not provide food here in Awanmulan.
  • Please proceed any excursions (Hikes, treks, etc.) at your own risk
  • Please do not invite your own guest, entry of unregistrered guests will be denied.


  • You will have to vacate your room for cleaners to prep.
  • No loud parties. People come for quiet.
  • If you arrive earlier or want to leave later, you can spend time by the pool or our lounge area. Dining utensils available.
  • If the room is ready earlier, you may check in earlier.
  • We can only confirm early check in or late checkout the day before you arrive.


  • 20 minute drive up winding village tar road
  • Very dark at night. Non advisable to drive up or down after dark.
  • Narrow two way road so beware of oncoming vehicles.
  • suitable for sedan car. no need for an SUV or 4WD.
  • parking in open air designated off road, car park.


  • No restaurants or shops on the hill
  • Malay/indian restaurant 15 minutes away
  • Chinese restaurant 25 minutes away.
  • Western or japanese restaurant 35 minutes away.
  • Grocers are between 15 to 25 minutes away


  • Catering requires at least one day advanced notice
  • You can see catering options at our catering page
  • All food from third party caterer. No chef or restaurant on site


  • As of June 7th 2022, no complimentary breakfast due to logistical and dietary challenges
  • Our caterers cannot produce consistently or for small orders
  • We do not have a cafe or on site chef and have no intention of having one
  • Dietary restrictions and preferences have diversified drastically in recent years and cannot be met easily
  • We will continue to have pre-order meal options for lunch and dinner from our caterers.


  • Open till 1030pm. Lights available.
  • Only swimwear in the pool
  • No animals
  • No glass utensils
  • No running near the pool
  • Proper pool attire in pool only
  • Adequate distancing to be observed in the pool and surrounds for Covid-19 precaution


  • We live on a hill so there are stairs everywhere!
  • The easiest wheel chair access from the road will be to the Durian Runtuh room but even that has some 5 steps
  • Moving between rooms and the swimming pool will involve stairs


  • We have no credit card facilities
  • Payments are taken in cash or bank transfer only


  • We allow usage of drones. It is a nice area to fly and video from the sky.
  • Please do not go anywhere near other guest rooms at Awanmulan or any other nearby house
  • Respect other's rights to privacy! Stay at least a hundred metres away.
  • We will not assist recovery of your drone


  • Private kitchen in room - fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, rice cooker, multicooker/steamboat, electric grill, salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, cooking oil, drinking water.
  • Cooking utensils; cooking pans, pots, chopping board, kitchen knives, pealer, cork screw, can opener, bottle opener
  • BBQ pit, charcoal, firestarters, matches, BBQ thongs, skewers, forks
  • Dining utensils; dining and serving plates, bowls, forks, spoons, chopsticks, butter knives, steak knives, tea spoons, mugs, glasses, wine glasses, jugs
  • Private barbecue in every room - coals, fire starters, fans, tongs, pit, skewers
  • Celing fan, stand fan
  • Water heater
  • Toiletries - soap, shampoo, towels, tissues, hair dryers
  • Pool towels
  • Mosquito coils
  • Digi LTE Wifi available Lounge/Workspace/Pool area only. Good for teleconference and online learning


  • Private kitchen in room - fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, rice cooker, multicooker/steamboat, electric grill, salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, cooking oil, drinking water.
  • No breakfast. See below for more info
  • No food provided. All meals need pre-order
  • No restaurant or shops on the hill. Nearest is 20 minutes drive away
  • Television
  • Air conditioning. Rooms have fans only and is open air
  • Mosquito nets in rooms or over beds
  • No private pool. One shared pool only



  • Toilet, shower, kitchen sink
  • Small table and chairs, hammock, camp ground
  • Shelter from rain, solar fairy lights (low illumination), BBQ pit
  • Dining spoons and forks
  • Dining plates
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • Cooking pot
  • Spatula
  • Kettle
  • Camping gas stove (gas not included)
  • Cups
  • Not Provided:

  • Breakfast or any meals.
  • Electricity, hot water
  • Powered lighting / fans / any electrical items
  • A tent
  • BBQ coals
  • Camping stove gas (can be bought at 7eleven/speedmart)
  • Drinking water (Can get this at the pool area)
  • Optional chargeable additions
  • 4/5 person tent
  • Bedding


  • LTE cell coverage for Maxis, Celcom, Digi is available while you are at Awanmulan
  • The road leading up to Awanmulan will have poor coverage issues, so please save maps in case you get lost.
  • Digi LTE Wifi available Lounge/Workspace/Pool area only. Good for teleconference and online learning


  • We have simplified our pricing to one base price only.
  • This will be the same price weekend or weekday or on public holidays
  • We have removed our other discounts like weekday or multiday or last minute discounts


  • You can change your booking dates up to two weeks before your arrival date
  • We will only allow one change of date for up to 4 months from date of initial booking
  • Only the payment amount will be transferred, not the price. The price of the booking at the new date will apply
  • Changes of date less than two weeks from arrival date will be allowed only at our discretion
  • Refunds will only be entertained at our sole discretion
  • As Covid-19 is now endemic, cancellations/postponement less than two weeks before arrival date due to positive cases will no longer be entertained


  • Regretfully, pets are no longer allowed anywhere at Awanmulan
  • Awanmulan was named after a dearest pet and we have for over 10 years tried to keep it open for pets and their humans
  • However, we have found it difficult to manage this as compliance to our policy with regards to pets have been poor and makes it difficult for us to safeguard the needs of our other guests
  • This decision was not taken lightly and we do realise the disappointment it will create among some of our guests, to whom we emphatize and apologise.
  • Pets are also no longer allowed for day visitors and at the Khemah campsite.


  • Awanmulan is named after a dog (Mulan) and there are two dogs (Daniel and Baloo) and two cats (Cantik and Michelle) and a grumpy old fish (Moses) who live here with us
  • They roam freely in our compound, except Moses (because that would be really creepy)
  • Though they may be initially surprised by strangers, they are friendly and loving
  • Guests are advised that they will be here with these animals and not to be afraid of them or run from them
  • We will not tie up or cage our animals for you. They live here, and you are choosing voluntarily to come visit us and them.
  • Never run from a dog! They will chase you because they think it is a game
  • Please do not feed our animals as they get plenty of food. Feeding them creates bad habits


  • We do not organise team building activities
  • Most people lounge around and relax, play board games or go swimming.
  • A list of trekking available nearby can be found on our Excursions page
  • If you do not wish a trek, you can just walk to the nearby river for a swim.
  • View the map on the excursions page for a location of the river relative to Awanmulan


  • We have not had any incidences of theft /intruders since we opened.
  • There are some animals like various insects and spiders that are harmless.
  • Sometimes we get hornets and bees but not in large swarms.
  • We also see some snakes and scorpions on occassion but while they can bite or sting you also none that are dangerous and also no one has had an issue with them before.
  • There are sometimes some harmless noisy geckos (tokay) and wild boar and tapir have walked through our land, but no monkeys.
  • We are on a hillside land and there are lots of trees. There is some risk of falling if you are not careful and wander off the pedestrian walkways so visiors are advised to walk and not run.
  • Some small tree branches may fall during windy days but no large branches have fallen before that would be cause for worry.


  • We are friendly to all people!
  • Each person's faith is their own responsibility. This is not a muslim household, we welcome all and any.
  • We do not have kiblat signs, and do not have any food and drink restrictions.
  • There are free roaming dogs on site. Awanmulan is named after a dog and we do have dogs in our house compound that you will see.
  • They are friendly dogs and like to play and be loved. We have disallowed pets in guest rooms since 2020.
  • Please consider this before booking, if this is an issue for you. We will not tie up or cage our animals for you.