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Some useful information below:

Availability, pricing, and making a booking - Booking page
Discounts, amenities, access, pet policy, etc.. - Frequently Asked Questions
Information on rooms and common spaces - Rooms and spaces page
Pets are no longer allowed
Provided amenities - FAQ page
Post lockdown reopening - Covid19 precautions

Communication by emails only.

We are discontinuing the use of phones for calls or messaging in favour of emails exclusively. The reasons for this are:

  • Availability and price information can only be found on our booking page, even by us.
  • We are a family operation without a dedicated call centre.
  • Instant messaging and calls demand dedicated ongoing two way communication that we cannot manage.
  • Instant messaging has become fragmented over a variety of platforms
  • Some platforms do not allow multi device accounts complicating our operations
  • Our private numbers keep getting circulated by word of mouth and shared on blogs.

Please visit our Booking page, or email us at serenity@awanmulan.com with adequate information:

  • Your name
  • group size
  • make up (number of adults, couples, children, families, etc)
  • dates you interested in
  • rooms you interested in