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Picha Eats Empowering Refugees

Empowering people to help those in need

Picha Eats meals put on hold while getting new meal packages!

Your meal rebuilds lives
Together, we can be the comfort of their past, support of their present, and investor of their future.

Picha Eats was founded in 2016 to help refugees in Malaysia coming from various countries with dire situations like war, famine, genocide and discrimination. Food prepared by refugees can be catered in corporate events, weddings and other social events.

Awanmulan supports this intiative by Picha Eats and have come together with them in a pilot programme to give our guests the option to have meals prepared by refugees supported by Picha Eats while they stay with us. We hope that this initiative will receive wide support from our guests and that other guest houses on the hill will also begin to offer these meals in support of the good work that Picha Eats is doing to help keep refugees afloat and allow them to earn an income with dignity.

Please support refugees and Picha Eats by choosing to have their meals during your stay. We are also able to provide these meals before check in and after check out, or for day visitors at our pool / guest lounge area. Come early or leave late and Picha Eat! When you Picha Eat, a refugee eats too

Visit Picha Eats Website for more information on what they do, and book your Picha Eats meals when you make a reservation on our booking page. The selection is restricted to vegetarian meals at present, but the variety will increase in time

The team at Picha Eats thanks you!
Read about them at pichaeats.com
And the chefs thank you too!