Awanmulan consists of 5 rooms, each with it’s own unique layout and size to fit various number of guests with comfort and serenity.

All our rooms have a private kitchen, BBQ area and bathroom.

None of our rooms have air conditioning. They are all open air and have fans only. None of our rooms have a private pool, we only have one shared pool for all. See a complete list of what is provided, not provided and other information on our FAQ page


4 to 6 Adults

Large lounge and kitchen with sunset valley view. Same building as Rahsiah downstairs, can be taken with Rahsiah for larger groups.

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4 to 6 Adults

Lounge with nice green view. Coolest during the day. Same building as Durian Runtuh upstairs Can be taken with Durian Runtuh for larger groups.

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2 to 5 Adults

Deck with a nice valley and green view. Furthest away from the pool. A very private unit with easy access from road.

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Couples only (2 pax)

Deck open to the sky. Best view and nearest to pool.

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Couples with a child (3 pax)

Lounge space with surround green view. A private unit close to pool.

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Awanmulan is not just about our rooms. We have lots of spaces for you to use and relax in.


Our western facing sky pool has got a great view of sunset and great for swimming under the blue day or the star filled night skies. It is a salted pool with only minute amounts of chlorine to make it gentler on the skin and eyes.

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Our lounge area can be used for day visitors, or guests arriving earlier or leaving later when their rooms are not available. There are comfortable sofas and tables for dining and resting as well as dining utensils if needed. It also can be used for remote working and e-learning and has Wifi for guests to use, as well as a projector and white board for group discussions. Free to use by all guests without reservation.

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A variety of card, board games to choose from for the family and friends to enjoy. Also a American pool table which doubles as a games table. Free to use by all guests without reservation.

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Our camp ground has a platform that can fit two large tents and a shack for activities with tables and chairs, a kitchen sink, a toilet and shower, a hammock and BBQ pit. It has piped water but no electricity and so also no heating. There is only light illumination from our solar powered fairy lights. Great for those new to camping.

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